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EVELINE Extra Soft SOS Regenerating Hand Cream 100 ml

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Eveline Extra Soft SOS Regenerating Cream Hand Nourishes Moisturize 5%Urea 100ml

Luxury Hands Renewal Complex ™ thanks to the unique combination of extremely effective active ingredients comprehensively regenerates and intensively nourishes the skin of the hands, instantly restoring their softness and elasticity.

Thanks to the strongly concentrated regenerating action, it instantly moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the hands. They become velvety smooth just after application. The light texture makes the cream easily absorbed and does not leave a feeling of stickiness. It is perfect for both night and day use. Regenerating SOS cream dressing for hands is reliable, immediate help even for the most dry, damaged and rough hands.
• Hyaluronic acid and UREA 5% deeply and long-lastingly moisturize, make it elastic and give the skin a velvety smoothness.
• Glycerin perfectly protects against harmful external factors.
• D-panthenol and allantoin soothe any irritation symptoms and reduce redness.
• Vitamin E stimulates the renewal of the epidermis and makes your hands look younger.
• Lanolin intensively smoothes and moisturizes the skin. Strengthens the hydrlipid barrier. Effectively reduces skin  roughness and dryness, and reduces irritation.
Application: Massage a small amount of cream into clean palm skin several times a day.

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