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CHRISTIAN LAURENT BAKUCHIOL Rejuvenating Skin Density Cream 60+ 50ml

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in stoke

The revolutionary formula of the cream is bakuchiol, based on plant retinolo, which is the latest result of mature skin care, has the same effective rejuvenating effect as retinol, but does not trigger the symptoms of irritation. The cream actively overcomes the signs of aging, which appear on the skin after the age of 60.


Intensive wrinkle de-wrinkle: 2.5% bioRETINOL COMPLEX is based on bakuchiol, which, like retinol, affects the deeper layers of the skin, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, the complexion becomes firmer and more elastic, while the depth of wrinkles decreases. Ceramides and black tulip extract perfectly moisturize and rebuild the skin's hydrolipid barrier.

Improving skin density - peonyextract and precious gold - stimulates the process of renewal and has a firming effect. Hyaluronic microfibers accurately fill wrinkles, improve skin density, visibly invigorate it.

ZONE Y modeling: GRAVITY UP® and ESSENSKIN – ingredients that focus on vector action, improving the contours of the face, neck and cleavage – ensure the spectacular effect of smoothing and lifting the skin.

APPLICATION: Vector application technique. In the morning and evening apply the cream to cleansed skin, massage the cream from the bottom up, from the neckline, neck to face. Then rub the cream in circular motions from the middle of the face outwards.

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