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FARMONA - Tutti Frutti Bath Shower Gel Nourishing Regenerating Peach Mango 425ml

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in stoke



Tutti Frutti peach & mango revitalising bath and shower oil will transform an ordinary routine into an unforgettable experience.
The fruity scent will stimulate you to act - put in a good mood, you will forget about your worries. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of caring ingredients and juicy fragrant notes.
The preparation is rich in nourishing fruit oils that provide the skin with the necessary substances. Vitamins A, E and F regenerate it and protect it against premature aging. Revitalising foams well, creating a light and velvety cloud that will thoroughly cleanse the body of all impurities and sebum. The results will surely surprise you! Clean and well-groomed skin, soft and pleasant to the touch - what more could you want?
Wrap yourself in an unearthly fruity scent - a combination of sweet peach and delicious mango!

How to use:
Apply the liquid to damp skin and massage until it lathers. Rinse thoroughly with water. You can also use the cosmetic in the bath by pouring a small amount of it under the stream. Check out all the fragrances in the Tutti Frutti range.



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